Private pool villa Corfu – Dive into Ionian Dreamscape 10k Stones Villa, #1 Choice in Corfu

This is the 10k Stones Private pool villa Corfu – Imagine yourself basking under the Corfu sun, the gentle Ionian breeze caressing your skin, and the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea sparkling in the distance.

This idyllic escape awaits you at “The 10k Stones Villa,” your private haven on this captivating island. More than just a luxurious villa, it’s a gateway to unforgettable experiences a private pool villa Corfu, curated with your dreams in mind. Whether you’re seeking family fun, a romantic rendezvous, or an adventurous escape, “The 10k Stones Villa” offers unique features and personalized touches that elevate your stay beyond the ordinary.

Private Pool Villa Corfu – Spacious Family-Friendly Villa with Private Pool – Pelekas,

Spacious Family-Friendly Villa with Private Pool

Corfu Island: A Haven of Enchantment and Beachfront Bliss

Corfu, also known as Kerkyra, is a jewel in the Ionian Sea, captivating visitors with its Venetian-tinged architecture, charming villages, stunning beaches, and rich history ( don’t forget to check the Corfu trail ). Imagine yourself stepping onto the soft sand of a secluded Corfu beach, mere steps away from your private pool villa Corfu. “The 10k Stones Villa” offers the perfect blend of a green paradise and island charm, making it the ideal choice for unforgettable Corfu getaways. The villa located in an ideal and strategic location near Pelekas village just few kilometres away from the beach.

Direct rent a car from our own local bussiness and explore this amazing island today. You will find many amazing villas in Corfu with private pool, and the 10k Stones villa is one of them!

private pool villa Corfu

Private pool villa Corfu Villa Paradise: Your Dream Corfu Escape

Forget the limitations of standard hotels and immerse yourself in the magic of Corfu with a private pool villa in Corfu at “The 10k Stones Villa.” Unlike cookie-cutter accommodations, our villa offers an authentic Corfu experience tailored to your desires. Imagine waking up to panoramic green amazing views, enjoying refreshing dips in your private pool, and creating lasting memories with loved ones in a spacious and luxurious setting.

Our traditional stone villa, painstakingly crafted with locally sourced stones, directly from our land and our estate
Our traditional stone villa, painstakingly crafted with locally sourced stones, directly from our land and our estate

Beyond the Pool: Unveiling the Wonders of Corfu

While our private pool villa Corfu and stunning beachfront location are sure to entice, “The 10k Stones Villa” goes beyond simply offering a beautiful space. We provide a gateway to your dream Corfu experience, whether you seek:

Family Fun in the Sun:

Picture the joyful laughter of your children echoing through the spacious living areas for the whole family, splashing in the private pool, or creating memories by the BBQ under the starry sky! “The 10k Stones Villa” offers ample space for families to bond and connect, with child-friendly features and proximity to family-friendly beaches and attractions. Imagine exploring hidden coves together, savoring delicious local cuisine, and cherishing moments that will last a lifetime.

Imagine carefree days spent poolside in your private Corfu oasis, creating unforgettable family memories. Discover a spacious villa tucked within lush greenery, where endless laughter fills the air, and relaxation awaits around every corner. Let our family-friendly villa in Pelekas, Corfu, be the backdrop to your most cherished vacation moments.

Corfu island villa with pool - The 10k Stones villa. Private pool villa Corfu - Dive into Ionian Dreamscape 10k Stones Villa, #1 Choice in Corfu

Spacious Living for the Whole Family

Discover Pelekas: Local Flavor & Island Charm Beyond the villa, Pelekas delights with traditional tavernas offering breathtaking sea views and island specialties. Stroll through charming squares, pick up freshly baked delights, or savor a scoop (or two!) of homemade gelato while the kids run and play.

Romantic Rendezvous:

Rekindle the spark and reconnect in the intimate setting of “The 10k Stones Villa.” Imagine enjoying breathtaking sunsets from your private balcony, savoring candlelit dinners by the pool overlooking the beach, or snuggling up under the stars with a movie playing on the unique outdoor cinema. We can arrange personalized experiences like private chef dinners or boat trips to create lasting memories of your romantic Corfu retreat.

Private pool villa Corfu The 10k stones villa in Corfu island, villa with pool near the beach

Unforgettable Adventures Await:

Gather your friends or fellow adventurers and embark on an unforgettable exploration of Corfu. The 10k Stones Villa” serves as your launching pad for discovering hidden gems, indulging in thrilling water activities, or simply relaxing by the pool with breathtaking beachfront views. Explore bustling markets, embark on scenic hikes, or delve into the island’s rich history – the possibilities are endless.

The 10k stones villa Corfu island Greece

Private villa in Corfu with pool. The Ultimate Family Escape: Your Guide to a Dream Villa Vacation in Corfu

Family vacations hold the power to become cherished memories. When seeking a sun-drenched escape on the enchanting island of Corfu, Greece, a family-friendly villa could be your ticket to the ultimate holiday experience. Imagine strolling hand-in-hand to sandy beaches, relaxing poolside amidst lush greenery, and exploring hidden coves, all without sacrificing comfort or privacy. In this guide, we’ll explore the essence of a family-focused villa, and introduce you to a special retreat in the picturesque village of Pelekas.

The Essence of a Family-Friendly Villa: More Than Just a Place to Sleep

When traveling with your little ones, or even grandparents in tow, the right accommodation elevates a holiday from good to truly unforgettable. Here’s why villas win for family-focused vacations:

  • Space to Roam, Play, and Unwind: No more feeling confined to a hotel room. Our villas offer multiple bedrooms, expansive living areas, and often balconies or patios overlooking captivating views. Kids can spread out with their toys, teens can find a quiet corner, and parents can relish some well-deserved relaxation.
  • Home-Like Comforts: Fully equipped kitchens mean impromptu snack breaks or late-night munchies are easily managed. Cook your family’s favorites using fresh local ingredients, or venture out to try charming tavernas in Pelekas. Laundry facilities make packing lighter (especially helpful with messy young explorers!).
  • Privacy & Your Own Pace: Villas are self-contained sanctuaries. Dictate your family’s rhythm without set mealtimes or poolside crowds. Swim when you want, enjoy quiet mornings with coffee on the patio, or keep the evening entertainment simple with board games and movies.
  • Activities Right at Your Doorstep: While beaches and attractions beckon, our villas themselves are brimming with fun. Private pools are an endless source of entertainment, while spacious grounds encourage kids to run and explore with nature as their playground.
  • Exceptional Value: For larger families or multi-generational getaways, villas often present a more budget-friendly option compared to booking multiple hotel rooms. Your home-away-from-home awaits.

Your Family’s Corfu Retreat: A Pelekas Gem

Let’s transport you to a haven within the captivating landscapes of western Corfu. In the serene village of Pelekas, our family-friendly villa awaits, ready to cradle your precious family moments.

  • Seclusion Wrapped in Lush Greenery: Your vacation starts as you turn onto our pristine 5,000-square-meter estate. Palm trees sway, olive groves shimmer, and bougainvillea bursts with color. It’s a private world for your family to reconnect.
  • Spacious Sanctuary for Up to 10 Guests: Boasting 140 square meters of thoughtfully designed space, our villa effortlessly accommodates larger or multi-generational groups. Four airy bedrooms (one with playful bunkbeds perfect for siblings!) ensure restorative sleep, while multiple bathrooms eliminate morning rush hour squabbles. Gather around the large dining table or sink into plush living room sofas—it’s a layout crafted for togetherness and comfortable retreats.
  • The Quintessential Corfu Pool Experience: Step out onto the spacious pool terrace and prepare to be delighted. Our dazzling pool is both a social hub and a quiet oasis. Kids can splash for hours while parents lounge comfortably nearby. Sip a cool drink in the shade, read a book, or surrender to a midday nap – poolside bliss on demand.

Family Adventures That Start at Your Villa Doorstep

While our villa promises relaxation, Corfu boasts endless ways to enrich your family adventure.

  • Pelekas Beach Awaits: A mere 2-3 kilometers from your villa awaits the sandy embrace of Pelekas Beach and Glyfada beach. Crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea, gentle shallows for young paddlers, and charming seaside cafes will quickly make this your go-to spot for sandcastle building, swimming, and soaking up the Corfu sun.
  • A Taste of Island Life: Pelekas Town Square: Sample authentic Corfu in the village’s main square. Traditional tavernas with enchanting sea views will tempt you with flavors like ‘pastitsada‘ (rich meat pasta) and fresh seafood. Wander narrow streets lined with bakeries and souvenir shops; kids will love stopping for locally made gelato.
  • Local Exploration Made Easy: Corfu is ripe for family-friendly adventures. With a rental car, your villa becomes the perfect base for exploring. Discover hidden coves with calm waters ideal for snorkelling, hike to Kaiser’s Throne for sweeping island views, or visit traditional mountain villages like Sinarades where a glimpse into rural Corfiot life awaits.

Support our local and owned bussiness, rent a car directly with us or book the villa directly here and let us know that you also need cars

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