Pelekas Beach Corfu

Pelekas Beach Corfu ( Kontogialos Beach ) Corfu island Greece:

Beach Kontogialos or Pelekas beach corfu island Greece, is one of the top beaches in Corfu island and Greece.

Pelekas Beach Corfu location

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Parking information for Pelekas beach Corfu – Kontogialos beach Corfu island

Find a parking in Pelekas beach, during the peak season, won’t be an easy task. However we have gathered the best options and tricks, so you will be able to find an easy spot to park your car in Pelekas Beach Corfu. Remember, we provide a Rental Car service in Corfu, we are a new and a local bussiness on Rent a car, and we encourage you to support our local bussiness. We have already a network in Corfu and we cooperate with many bussiness on the area, so get a parking will be an easy task!

  • You can take an advantage to come very early in the Pelekas Beach Corfu area, and get an easy access to the free parking areas.