Experience Tranquility at Our Stone Villa in Pelekas, Corfu Island

Nestled in the quaint village of Pelekas, amidst the serene landscapes of Corfu Island, Greece, lies a hidden haven waiting to be discovered.

Our traditional stone villa, painstakingly crafted with locally sourced stones, directly from our land and our estate, offers a sanctuary away from the hustle of everyday life. A mere 3 to 4 minutes away from the pristine beach, this villa serves as a gateway to both relaxation and adventure.

As you step inside, you are welcomed into a spacious salon that breathes comfort and luxury. The villa boasts three meticulously designed rooms, furnished with comfortable double beds to cradle you into peaceful slumber as the gentle sea breeze whispers through the stone walls.

The salon hosts a generous couch that effortlessly transforms into a huge double bed, ensuring ample space for you and your loved ones to unwind.

The heart of the villa is its sparkling pool, a private oasis where you can soak up the sun, enjoy a refreshing dip or simply lounge with a good book. It’s a delightful retreat where the waters invite you to leave your worries behind.

Every detail handcrafted with care.

Embracing the essence of sustainability, every element of our villa has been handcrafted with love and care, utilizing materials sourced directly from our estate. Our dedication to eco-friendliness shines through in the woodwork, as almost all the wood used was harvested from our own land. However, our commitment didn’t stop there. For every tree that lent its wood to our villa, we planted new ones, ensuring a continuous cycle of growth and giving back to nature.

Exologic materials were a choice not made lightly, reflecting our unwavering commitment to sustainability and the environment. Wherever possible, reused and recycled materials found their purpose, blending seamlessly with the villa’s rustic charm, yet adding a modern touch of eco-conscious luxury.

Our approach goes beyond merely constructing a villa; it’s about creating a space that resonates with the natural tranquility of Corfu Island, Greece. It’s a harmonious blend of traditional aesthetics, modern comfort, and a heartfelt respect for nature. Our practices ensure that while our guests enjoy a serene retreat, they also contribute to a greener tomorrow.

As you step into our villa, you’re not just entering a space, but becoming part of a narrative that values nature, celebrates authenticity, and cherishes sustainable living. Come, be a part of our eco-conscious haven, where luxury meets responsibility, only a breath away from the calming shores of Pelekas.

Immerse yourself in the authentic Corfu experience as you explore the nearby beach, a short, scenic stroll away from the villa. The soft sands and crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea beckon for days filled with sunbathing, water sports, Private Boat Tours or tranquil beach walks.

We provide private boat tours all over Corfu and nearby locations

The villa’s prime location in Pelekas allows you to delve into the local culture, savor traditional Greek cuisine, and discover hidden trails that unveil the majestic beauty of Corfu Island. It’s not merely a stay, but a journey into the heart of Greece, where every stone has a story, and the waves narrate tales of ancient allure.

Make your reservations through our website and unlock the doors to your private retreat in the heart of Corfu Island, Greece. Your serene getaway at our stone villa in Pelekas awaits.

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