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Sinarades villa Corfu

The history of Sinarades village traces back to the mid-Byzantine years, although it was abandoned and later re-colonized in 1669 by refugees from Crete. This historical migration is mirrored today in the Cretan surnames of many villagers. There are multiple theories regarding the origin of the village’s name; one prevalent idea is that it was named after an ancient Byzantine noble family, Sinaras or Synaras1​.

sinarades village corfu island

Another theory links the name to local agriculture, with the term Axinarades derived from the use of axes, or to the ancient Greek term “co-arato”​1​.

The various theories regarding the origin of its name, reflect a rich cultural and historical tapestry that is emblematic of many villages in Corfu. The exploration of these historical narratives can provide a rich context for visitors, making their stay in the village or nearby areas a more enriching experience.

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More history and details about Sinarades village in Corfu

One of the features of our village is the dense construction imposed for economic reasons and mainly the fear of sea corsairs (pirates).

The paved streets and picturesque buildings give the image of a traditional village. The distinct features of local architecture include curved doorways, arcades, roofs with cornices and ochre-colored Byzantine-type tiles, doors with embossed marbles and beautiful designs, external stone stairs leading to verandas, solid green shutters, and chimneys with curved roofs. The ground-floor houses, sometimes with some small auxiliary spaces, served the formerly large agricultural families of the village.

In the last twenty years, significant changes have occurred in the village’s appearance and the residents’ occupations. The development of tourism greatly increased their income, but changed their life rhythm and negatively impacted the environment, both residential and natural. Despite this, the residents of Sinarades are closely tied to their place, retain much of their cultural heritage, and warmly welcome visitors passing through their villages or vacationing in them, offering their best sentiments.

The village is distinguished by its churches with beautiful bell towers, simple interior decoration, and icons by notable iconographers.

They are centers of worship, art, communication, and prayer spots for the residents. Their construction dates back to the late 15th century up to more recent years. The churches include: St. John, Virgin Mary – Pantanassa, St. Nicholas, Crucified, St. Athanasius, All Saints, Evangelistria, St. Theoktistos, Taxiarchs (Michael and Gabriel), Kyra-Dikia, Dechomenes, St. Sarantitis, and St. Gordis.